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Get a FREE PSA Test to see if you are developing prostate cancer...early

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men with some 30,000 diagnosis per year. 

The liklihood of developing this particular condition increases as we age with the majority of cases developing in men aged 50 and over. 

However the good news is that a simple blood test can help diagnose the early symptoms of this condition making treatment and recovery less invasive and stressful. 

The Prostate Specific Antigen Test (P.S.A) establishes your P.S.A level and if raised, then treatment options can be considered. Treatment may not be required immediately or indeed at all. 

Know your number! 

Come along to the Community Centre on 10th February (10.00 am - 2.30 pm) where fully qualified medical staff will be on hand to take a quick blood sample. 

The testing is free and by appointment which may be booked online via Hayling Lions Website or at www.pcaso.org/psa-testing. You can also book via the posters appearing around our island. 

We look forward to seeing you. 

If you (or someone you know) should get this test, then follow the instruction below:

  • Click Here
  • Register (use names as on passport)
  • Verify your email
  • Book Your Testing Slot

Our Amazing Charity Shop

Our shop on Elm Grove is our hub in the community. It is staffed by our amazing volunteers who run the shop. 

The opening times are

  • Tuesday 10 to 4
  • Thursday 10 to 4
  • Friday 10 to 4
  • Saturday 10 to 1

If you have spectacles you no longer need

Please bring them to the shop on Elm Grove. 
We will take them to our partners who will clean your glasses and grade them so that they can be shared with needy people in the developing parts of the world, so that your eyeglasses can continue to provide benefit to others.

Prostate cancer screening

Prostate Cancer Screening

Many of you will know that we used to hold screening days at the community centre to help many men on the Island have a simple blood test to see if they were at risk from prostate cancer, which develops silently but can will develop in 1 in 8 men. 

You can now get a PSA test from your GP if you are over 50 and ask for a test and just ask for the test.

We are not planning to run those sessions again.

Message in a bottle

The Lions fund these bottles in which you can place important medical information and your current prescription list, so that if an ambulance calls to help you in an emergency, they know to look in your fridge for this bottle, which can help them and the hospital doctors look after you more appropriately. 

You can pick them up from our shop on Elm Grove, at the GPs and at the pharmacies.

Ten Pin Bowling Social

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Bowls Club Gives Early Christmas Presents

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2023 Teddy Bears’ Picnic

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We Serve

We are the largest service based organisation in the world with with over 1 million members in almost 50,000 clubs worldwide and a history over 100 years. 

On Hayling Island, we raise funds to help people on the island who need us. 

Where there's a need - there's a Lion and we have Lions on Hayling Island. 

What We Do

We're behind the various annual events on the island, such as:

  • The Santa Sleigh at Christmas
  • Mengham Christmas Evening
  • Donkey Derby
  • Teddy Bears Picnic

We also help individuals in need on the Island, such as:

  • We paid for lunches to be delivered to children on the island whose parents struggle to provide them with lunch on the holidays
  • We bought a washing machine for an elderly lady who had to wash her clothes in the bath tub
  • We bought a budgie for a lonely lady on the island who just wanted some company

How You Can Help

We always need help and there's lots that you can do to help us help those on the Hayling Island live life a little more easily - for instance you could

  • Spread the word about us on social media or just by telling people about us
  • You could support our shop - either by helping out, or donating items for sale or popping in to buy something from us. Every penny raised from the shop helps people in need on Hayling Island.
  • You could become a silent member - all of our donations go straight to the needy. Our administrative costs are all paid by membership fees - so just paying £10/month to be a member helps us do our work
  • You could be an active member - we meet every 2nd Thursday at the British Legion and you are more than welcome. We always need people at events and with fundraising and helping us to help worthy causes on the Island - so please consider joining us.