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Ten Pin Bowling Social

Here we are on another monthly social event.

This time we spent some time together enjoying Ten Pin Bowling together, with ... varied success but lots of smiles and fun!

If you're interested in joining us, please get in touch - we'd love you to join us!!

Bowls Club Gives Early Christmas Presents

Hayling Island Bowls Club members gathered on a damp October Saturday morning to watch Club President, Mrs Rosemary West present cheques for £500 to the Hayling Lions
and the Hayling RNLI as the culmination of their annual charity fund-raising efforts.

Handing over the cheques, Mrs West thanked both organisations for their excellent work for our island community. She said, “We have organised a range of fund-raising activities over the year and are delighted to support these two very deserving causes.”

Present at the club to accept the cheques were Lions President, Derek Gillard and fellow Lion, Charlie Windall and the RNLI’s Principal Fundraiser, Siri Young accompanied by the Station’s Deputy Launch Authority, Phil Howard-Smith.

2023 Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Marvellous things to eat and wonderful games to play......

..... and so there were! For Wednesday 16th August saw our island's annual 'Teddy Bears Picnic'. Organised by Hayling Island's Lions Club this event is always a great success and this year was no exception!

An afternoon blessed with beautiful weather saw our island's teddy bears and their accompanying chaperones enjoy a picnic as well as an array of games and activities including races with every competitor getting a sweet. There was even a Three Legged Race!

Even more fun and entertainment was provided by 'Crazy M' who made sure the fun never stopped. Performing a wide variety of magic tricks and feats this wonderful entertainer enthralled teddies and chaperones alike, even producing a live rabbit on stage!

There was even a 'Best Teddy Competition'. Although everybody knows of course that their teddy is the best.

Click to play

Following an afternoon of fun, laughter and entertainment it was time it was time for the chaperones to take their teddies home because they were certainly .....

...... tired little teddy bears

(ack. Henry Hall)

Lakeside Social Event

The Hayling Lions is run by volunteers who pay for all of the admin costs of the organisation and run the shop and events in the service of the local community so that every penny that people kindly donate goes straight to helping local people. 

But we also like to have fun and so every month, as well as running our administrative meetings in the Royal Legion, we meet up to let our hair down, connect and chat. 

This month, we went to the Lakeside Holiday resort and had some fun (trying to shoot straight) and enjoyed a sumptious lunch together with fine company, lots of laughs and the warm feeling of being with like-minded, pleasant people.

If you're interested in joining, please get in touch - you will be welcome. 

Remembrance Day Parade

Hayling Island veterans were reverentially remembered, thanked and honoured in the amazing parade this Sunday. It was supported by the Hayling Lions by many of our members taking part in the march and a wreath being laid by our president: Mr Ron Harman.

Thank you to Zoe Box for the above photos. 

The Lions welcomes new members

In November's monthly meeting, which is always held on the second Thursday of the month at the Royal Legion Club, our President, Ron Harman welcomed two new members to the Lions: Beryl Blacklin and Rod Davis. 

Having attended a few meetings, to get to know us and what we do, Beryl and Rod took the oath to support the Lions in serving people on Hayling Island. We also pay a monthly subscription to the Lions to support our administrative functions so that all of the money that people donate goes to helping good causes and not running the society. 

We look forward to sharing good memories, smiles and company with Beryl and Rod as we continue to do good work across the Island as well as have our regular social activities. 

If you're interested in joining the lions, please contact us and you will be given a warm welcome!

The Hayling Lions Welcomes New Members

Prostate Cancer Screening

Hayling Island Prostate Screening Event: Saturday 18th May

2019 is the 3rd year of Lions supporting and facilitating this event.

We work with PCaSO, the volunteer led Prostate Cancer Support Organisation, run by patients diagnosed with prostate cancer covering Dorset, Hampshire Sussex and surrounding areas.

WHY do Lions support this event ?

Prostate Cancer affects 1 in 8 men.

That means 1 in 8 Island men, so men that we all love and know affected by the most common cancer for men in the UK.

Lions are here to do good for Hayling Islanders and to support  the greater good Nationally and Internationally. So Prostate Cancer screening is one thing we have felt to be important enough to financially support and devote time to facilitate and organise.

Statistics show us that 1 in 2 of any of us will get a cancer diagnosis in our lifetimes, Prostate cancer screening offers a chance for a simple blood test to help diagnose prostate problems, including prostate cancer.

Men can of course always speak to their GP’s about a PSA test.

Lions have supported this event for 3 years now because we know that not all men do, it can be easier not to let’s face it!  We also know that sometimes it is better to raise awareness and participation through a higher profile event - collectively even - by popping along to an organised event. We know of a group who attended last year and ‘played’ ‘’lowest score winner’’! Whatever it takes to get you there fellas!

( We know that still won’t appeal to everyone but on our Facebook page ‘Hayling Island Lions’ we have had great interest, support, endorsements and recommendations. ) We vote each year to support the event and for the last 3 years the majority of Lions have been happy to do so.

Who is it for?

We urge all men aged 45 - 75 living on Hayling to register for this event. We have 300 places - some vacancies amazingly do still exist - and it is estimated that 19% of Islanders are men aged 45 - 75, that is therefore in the region of 3,500 men - so grab your place now is our best advice!


Please Book IN ADVANCE ONLY by calling 07407 493846   or emailing [email protected]

For Saturday 18th May, running between 10am - 2pm

You will need to give us full name and address with postcode.

Please - if you wish to donate to help support this work then bring cash/notes/money on the day.

The event is a timed slot for some preparatory information and then form filling prior to a blood test. Allow 45 minutes approximately

You are at a greater risk of prostate cancer if your mother or sister has had breast cancer

You are 2.5 times more likely to get prostate cancer if your brother or father has had it

Your risk of developing an aggressive prostate cancer is increased if you are overweight or obese

Cathy Shoebridge was our President in 2016-17.

Each year as a new Lions president the challenge is to have have 3 Initiatives. Cathy, as a fairly new member who was elected President, she chose her new initiatives carefully and had personal family reasons for supporting both the Dementia Tea Dance and Prostate Cancer Screening. This cause as such without question this cause was close to her heart. She lost her father to Pancreatic secondary cancer in 1993, his initial prostate cancer diagnosis was in 1990. Cathy heard of PCASO in 2016, whilst they were working with Uckfield Lions International Club.

A massive thanks to Cathy for continuing to spearhead and organise this event; each year she gathers approximately 20 volunteers (including of course Lions) to support the management of the day, as she has done for the 3 years that it has been running.

Lions fund the £3000 pa cost, but we do ask for donations on the day.

Cathy Shoebridge

So why do we ask for donations?

Lions is a charity, where money we raise on Hayling is spent supporting Islanders. So to spend this considerable sum we need to raise it! We can then of course only spend it once.

So financial support on the day frees up money to spend on the other thousands of causes we support on Hayling.

Last year we asked for donations from the men coming for the test, between the 282 of them we collected £1300. The actual event cost is £3000 and we have capacity for 300 men - the cost to Lions is therefore approximately £10 each if we are fully booked.

We urge you or your loved ones to book and attend (we always have no shows on the day, so please mark it on the diary, calendar, your phone even the back of the front door - just don’t forget to come!

Each year Lions take a vote to support or not this event.

PSA tests are available on request from GP’s,

We advertise broadly - spending our own money on posters and printed adverts - in order to get men there!

Canal Boat Trip

This was one of the beautiful views we saw of Chichester from the Hunston Bridge when we had a trip on the canal. This was one of our many socials which enjoy.

Afternoon tea was served on the canal boat

Remembrance Day

Each year the members of the club take part in the Remembrance Day Parade to show our respect for those who gave their lives for our freedom