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Hayling Lions Gains A “New” Committee Member

Anne Keen has been a long serving volunteer for the Hayling Lions, working tirelessly in the shop, amongst many other activities. 

She has now become a committee member and was inducted to the Lions by our President, Mr Ron Harman and our secretary Helen Stelitano. 

She will now be able to help direct the strategic direction of Hayling Island Lions through her contributions and votes at our monthly meetings, held every second Thursday at the Royal Legion. This is in addition to all of the valuable help that she continues to serve in the shop and at our various events, which we are hoping to increase this year as the COVID restrictions, hopefully, subside. 

Welcome Anne!

Another duty for our President, Ron Harman, during this January's Hayling Lions' meeting was to present Joy Boyle with her badge and certificate for 10 years of service to the Hayling Lions. 

Joy is a joy to work alongside with and her infectious positivity, care and guidance are incredibly valuable to the Lions in helping shape our decisions at the monthly committee meetings as well as her industrious activity at all of our community events. 

Thank you Joy!!

18th January 2022

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