Welfare Request – Hayling Lions

Welfare Request

If you want to apply for support for a project and you are either an individual who is a Hayling Island resident and has the support of a verified third party such as your social worker or the school or you are a group that are looking to help people on the Island, then you can apply for a welfare request from the Hayling Lions. 

You need to fill out the form below and then submit it. 

Your request will be considered by our welfare committee who may get back to you to discuss various elements of your request and they will then either recommend or not recommend your request to the whole committee. 

The whole committee meets once a month on the second Thursday of the month. The whole committee will then consider your request and based on the discussion and the recommendation of the committee, will individually vote on whether the Hayling Lions should support your request. If successful, a member of the Hayling Lions will get back to you to discuss the way in which we can help you.